We all have dreams and aspirations. Yesterday when MPs were sworn in, amongst them was popular singer Charles Kanyi alias Jaguar, who is representing Starehe Constituency. Prior to that, he had promised to release a track titled ‘Ndoto’ and today he has dropped the song.

He speaks of his dream to one day be famous just like Mohammed Ali (Methinks he meant Muhammad?). He narrates how he had difficulties going to school and how many people told him whatever he wanted to be were just dreams.

“Maisha imegeuka sasa nalindwa kama benki,” he says. He then takes a dig at those calling themselves ‘kings’ yet they don’t own a Range Rover (can this be King kaka and Prezzo?) and tells them to ask Kamanda, the former Starehe MP that he defeated in party primaries. He boasts of his influence from ghetto to State House.

Listen to the song below, give us your thoughts.