jamaican socialite
Jamaican artist, Furtly Brain

I’ve grown accustomed to seeing girls do almost anything, in order to gain fame and the fortune that comes along with it. However, when men try to take on this route in life, I find that to be a bit sickening. I know that we shouldn’t judge a man (or a woman hehe) by what they call their hustle, I believe in anything that makes you survive. Just make sure that whatever this hustle is, that it’s legal.

With that having been established, there is a guy, a Jamaican to be precise, who claims that through his dreams he gets prophetic messages from “God.”

Most religious people associate horns (be they of whatever kind) with demonic, illuminati leanings. But for Kenardo Robinson a.k.a. Furtly Brain, feels differently as he claims that he got a prophetic message from God telling him to get horn implants on his head. “I do believe I got some form of prophetic instruction by God. I didn’t do this alone.”

What is not clear is which “god” instructed him to get these horn implants…

Story by Super Intern