As we head into this fall, here are some of the best haircuts to make you step out looking dapper than ever!

1.       Box Fade

The iconic that symbolized the golden era of hip-hop, the box fade brings all kinds of nostalgia. It is making a big come up today.

2.       Afro Fade

The Afro fade incorporates the tapered sides of the box fade with a top that is somewhat left to grow how it likes. This is a haircut for any man able to pull it off.

3.       Short Part with Fade

If your hair is on the thick, have your barber shave a feature ‘part’ line for stylish results. The part line acts as a point of asymmetry and adds interest to what could otherwise be a standard haircut. With the addition of faded sides, this style is very relevant right now.

4.       Line Up

Instead of letting your natural hairline dictate your hair’s outline, this haircut sees your barber shave a straight hairline with sharp angles into your hair. Line ups take the idea of defining your hairline on your neck to your forehead, and it looks spectacular.


5.       Frohawk

Think of it like a reimagined box fade, narrower in the middle and rocked with the kind of maverick air that only comes with mohawk styles. This haircut can be either angular in style, or left to grow more freely.