Thank God Valentine’s is now #TBT until next year. It’s the only day that red is totally overrated.Most people were busy holding hands and I was just holding a lifeless computer mouse.Sad…anyway I guess this one was not meant for Diamond and I.Haha!

Speaking of Diamond, anyone else got dumped?! Here is how some of our celebs spent their valentines.

Vera Sidika

From juju to mzungu.Any man would want Vera for himself because she is just exceptional and impeccable.When most ladies were busy waiting for flowers and chocolates and a date from their men,Vee was on her toes doing something for her man.Vera, sweeter than honey and finer than wine paraded her mzunye on social media for the public to see.

Chantal and Eric Omondi

This guy has set the bar too high for the boychild.From the billboard, to his balls and now to a sleek BMW for his pretty Chantal Juliet Grazioli on V-day.This couple is just…wow!But we hope Eric will not uliza kiatu when Chantal thinks of adios amor.Eric is everybody’s #MCE right now.

Betty Kyalo

Betty is not single.She is back to slaying her dating game.Yesterday this honey  bun was on a dinner date.We do not know… yet; but we will share as soon as it’s from the oven.Udaku republic is on their toes finding out. Anyway,those who had dreams of dating the hot muffin,sweeties poor you ametoka sokoni.


Zari and Diamond

This guy could clearly not keep his hands to himself. The whole world knows he ain’t loyal thanks to a sad post by wife Zari.She called it quits.Diamond has all going wrong right now,even his grammar.Let’s not dwell on the black Valentine’s people, we gotta get life. We bet Diamond is needing that right now.

By Brianas Njoroge