Fans in Nakuru on Saturday had a time of their life, watching Kenya’s biggest names performing in one platform during the Blaze Summit held at Afraha Stadium. It was more than just a summit, it was a music extravaganza. On the performance list was Timmy Tdat, but the highlight of the day was when three bigwigs made it to that stage, one after the other. Nyash was the first one, killing it with Cedo by his side doimng what he does best. It was a surprise performance. He performed his songs, and along the performance he’d give his story on how he began, flew to the US, became a trailer driver (working for 15 hours a day) before coming back to Kenya.

After him was King Kaka, hyped by Kaka Empire’s official Deejay Jr. We all love our artistes, and seeing them on stage was a thing that we always wish for. However, after a performance like Nyash’s on that day, performing his hits to a crowd that danced and sang along, King King had some uphill task ahead of him. his performance, however, was lackluster, with nothing for the fans besides the music. He actually started off his performance with Femi One’s Tippy Toe, an indication that he didn’t have a work of his own that he trusted would keep up the tempo that had been set by Nyash. He had it rough, and all the guys did was move kidogo kidogo. Of course there’s that awe of seeing him perform Live, but he didn’t live up to the hype. Compared to what other players did. Khali’s performance after King Kaka’s performance brought back the hype, and guys who’d gone to the terraces came back to the tent to catch the action.

Additionally, Nyash’s engagement with the crowd from the word go was on point. He reciprocated the love. “Mnaimba fiti manze…. I love you Nakuru!” he would say. At some point, he even climbed down the stage to greet some of the fans who were at the front, giving security some hard time. Khaligraph too called a chick on stage to sing Cashy’s part in Micasa Sucasa, something that led to the chiq winning herself a new phone. He then called a random guy and gave him his boots!! King Kaka’s engagement with the crowd on stage, compared to these two, ilikuwa chini sana.

At this point, if these guys do the same shows four times, King Kaka’s space in ‘Who is King?’ will be confirmed vacant. Can’t wait to have all the four biggies; Nyash, Khali, Octo and Kaka in one show so that we can see what unfolds.