1. Use your Wing woman: Women tend to move in packs. There’s an unwritten rule that when you plan to step out with the girls, everyone is expected to be emotionally equipped to be the wing-woman if needed. If you’re on a mission to meet guys, stick to one wing woman. Guys are terrified to approach big groups of girls. If he’s got friends, take your designated wing-woman and introduce her to his friend as if you’re the confident matchmaker helping out your shy friend. She’ll already know to engage in conversation setting her fears and pride aside as you and your target chat it up and break the ice on the side. Who knows, she might get a number out of the deal too.



2. Be easy to approach, but hard to attain. Playing hard to get is still not clearly defined as a good thing or not. Men however, do want a challenge when it comes to winning you over. Most men are terrified to make the move. Make it easy for them, make eye contact and give them the clear signal that it’s cool to break the ice. One the ice is broken, now you can tease him, test him and make him work for it…just the way he likes it.



3. Be confident. If you appear confident to your guy, he will think you are confident; it’s that easy. Walk up to him like you own the ground you walk on. It will impress him knowing that you’re comfortable in your skin and you can sashay your stuff without fear. BEWARE: Do not come across as so confident that it may be mistaken for the I-am-better-than-you-bow-down-at-my-feet arrogance!


pucca talk


4. Talk. Have something prepared to say beforehand. Talking about the weather or school is an easy way to open a conversation because there’s no wrong answer — these are safe. Casually approach him and ask where the bathroom is. If he’s in line at the canteen, pass him cash and ask him to order you something to minimize wait time. Ask him if a seat is taken so you can pull an extra chair to your table. If he’s tall, ask him to scan the crowed for your friend in the red sweater, playfully complain you’re just too short to look yourself… You get the picture. Guys like to be needed. Insecurity is a turnoff, but so is overconfidence. The sweet spot here is to be yourself — a calm, self-assured version of yourself.




5. Compliment him: A slick little compliment is a good ice breaker! You could tell him he has great hair or how good he looks in the shirt he’s wearing. This may seem cliché, but for a guy, what’s going through his head is “Wow. Hot girl. Likes my hair. Thank you God for giving me this hair!” “Excuse me, I just wanted to tell you that’s a nice jacket.” Compliment him, and once he says ‘thank you’, walk away and go on about your night. Trust me, he’ll find you eventually because he won’t be able to get the ‘woman who approached him but didn’t go in for the kill,’ out of his mind.




6. Give him “The Look”: this is a certain look that you have that says, “I want you to notice me.” It is important to first make eye contact with your guy and then lay it on him. This is your sexiest, most mysterious look that will only last a few seconds so as to leave him breathless and wanting more (this is the ‘hook’). A little warning ladies, we do not want this turning into a creepy stalker girl case. So for everyone’s well-being, a few seconds will do!



7. If you don’t ask for what you want, you won’t get it. You don’t want to seem desperate or overbearing, but if you want to ask for his phone number, then ask. Getting his number isn’t demanding commitment. Let him know you enjoyed talking and that you would love to chat again sometime. If you still aren’t comfortable asking for his number, offer him yours.