So you want to be a writer. Words just appeal to you, make your heart skip a beat. And stories, stories are your world. But you have no idea how to start the one step towards achieving this thousand-mile journey. From one writer to another, here is me handing the guide on how to handle the pen to you and here are three simple steps.

Keep a diary.

The first thing you need to do if you want to become a writer is Have a diary. Or a journal if you’d like it if a diary sounds too childish for you. Every writer, especially if you are starting out, needs a diary. In it, you can layout al your feelings in paper, all your thoughts and experiences free of judgment from anyone. You can also try out different styles of writing until you find your “thing”.


A great writer should be an avid reader. It is the only way we know how to write. Reading should be like your daily meal.Do not let a day get past without imparting knowledge from books to your brain. Plus, reading will make you realize what kind of writer you want to be; whether it is a creative writer, a journalist, a blogger.

Share your work.

With time, you will outgrow your diary and want others to recognize your skill. Do not shy away from sharing your work. It is, after all, yours, to the bone. Be proud of it. Take every criticism positively. Take every compliment proudly. You deserve it. And finally, do not, ever give up.