We have all been there; feeling extremely anxious that we can barely get our brains to accomplish a task. Anxiety, especially the extreme cases of it, can be the worst thing to ever happen to you, and when you don ‘t know how to deal with them properly, they can lead to panic attacks that will be constant for the rest of your life. 

So how do we deal with Anxiety? Simple…there are five tips that will reduce those anxiety attacks you keep having: 

  1. Take a Deep Breath. 

Sounds like an easy solution to an overwhelming problem right? But just take one moment, and take a deep breath. You can decide to count to five, or ten or whatever number works for you while you are at it. 

2. Stand Up and Do something 

Oftentimes when anxiety attacks, it is usually because we are supposed to do something and we are too nervous about it. So the logical solution is just stand up, and do something that will take your mind away from the thing you are nervous about. You can, for example, watch a funny video to ease your mind, or go talk to your friend for a while. 

3. Write about it. 

If you are a writer, you know how much therapeutic writing is. This is no different from Anxiety attacks. When you write about what you are feeling, it will guarantee to reduce your Anxiety Attacks. 

4. Use the 3-3-3 rule

This is a rule where you are supposed to name three things you see, three sounds you hear, and three parts of your body. If it does not work the first time, do it again and again until finally it does. 

5. Bring yourself back to the Present. 

Now that you are done with the exercise that has best helped your anxiety, bring yourself back to present with a calm mind and a strategy on how you are going to handle the situation you are anxious about.