Having a bad lipstick day? Issues like having to re-apply your lipstick all over again in the course of the day/night, leaving lipstick marks on a glass after drinking, broken lipstick, melted lipstick? These are just some of the numerous problems we face with our lip products. Oh well, nothing to worry about any more because here are the solutions to some of those problems.

#1.  How to make your lipstick last longer.

Black-Woman-With-Black-LipstickBefore anything else, apply a thin layer of lip balm and let it set in for a few minutes. After something like 20mins, take your lip liner and apply it. Make sure you clearly outline the edge. When this is perfectly done, use the same lip liner and fill in the rest of the space on the lips. Use a thin soft tissue paper to remove excess liner by aligning the tissue between your lips and kiss gently. Now apply your lipstick using a lip brush. After that, remove excess by doing the same thing you did with the liner. Take another tissue and place is against your lips. Using a fluffy brush and a little powder, run the brush across the tissue twice. This dries your lips and enables your lipstick to last longer.

#2. How to drink without leaving lipstick marks.


There are a couple of things you can do to avoid this.

  1. Lick your glass or cup before drinking from it. Please do this in secret because if you are seen, it beats the whole idea of being decent. If not, you can blot the cup surface using a napkin.
  2. Lick your lips before sipping. This is rather awkward but hey! You were looking for solutions. It does help. I however, would not recommend this.
  3. Use a primer. Apply the liquid foundation on your lips after applying lipstick. Then let it set in and dry for a few minutes.
  4. Avoid re-applying lipstick just before having drinks or dinner.
  5. Buy a lipstick brand that does not easily rub off.

#3.  Fixing broken lipstick.


Use a lighter to melt the base part of the broken piece. Re-attach the piece gently by pressing it in. Put the lipstick in the fridge for at least one hour.

#4.  How to remove a lipstick stain from a piece of cloth.


Pour cold water on the stained surface then apply Petroleum Jelly. Let it sit for about 15 minutes. Use a grease removing detergent to clean it off.

#5. How to keep lipstick off from your teeth.


After applying lipstick, form an ‘O’ shape with your mouth. Put your index finger (or any circular cylindrical item) in your mouth and gently pull it out. You’re now clear of lipstick marks on your teeth.

#6.  How to avoid lipstick from drying out your lips.

Apply lip balm. Let it set in for a few minutes before applying your lipstick. This gives time for your lips to absorb the moisture.

#7.  When lipstick just doesn’t come off!

Apply petroleum jelly on your lips and let it set in for a few minutes. After this, exfoliate your lips using a lip scrub or sugar scrub then rinse.
With those quick tips, feel free to use lipstick, shine and smile all day.

By: Louisa Nungari

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