Scaly and chapping lips are quite common. If this bothers you, here are a couple of home remedies you could use to rid such lips. Chapped lips can get extremely painful and at times even bleed.

What you need:
• Vaseline
• Soft baby toothbrush

This is a simple do-it-yourself trick to exfoliate you lips leaving them nice and soft.

LIP-SCRUBStep 1: Apply Vaseline generously on your lipschapped-lips-sugar

Step 2: Use the soft toothbrush to massage in the petroleum jelly in a circular motion. Be gentle on yourself. The toothbrush exfoliates lips while the petroleum jelly leaves lips extra soft.

Step 3: Wipe off the excess petroleum jelly. The Vaseline will heal and hydrate. Make sure you leave some one for added protection and shine.

Repeat a couple times a day until your lips are no longer scaly.

• The worst thing is to use saliva on your lips. Saliva evaporates very fast leaving lips even drier than before.

• If you do not have a soft toothbrush handy, you can create your own lip scrub. Mix some sugar or coffee grounds into your Vaseline and gently use your finger to rub in circular motions.

• For extra hydration, apply Vaseline to your lips before bed. Lips can get painfully dehydrated while you’re sleeping, taking this step each night will greatly help.

• Always remember to keep your lips hydrated

By Zahra <>