get-copyHow To Get The Love Bug Open


Every time you see him or even get the slightest sight of him, your heart skips a beat and moves faster, your face turns red and all of a sudden you start feeling hot. There is no hiding it from friends, you have the love bug all over you.

Having a crush on someone can often times drive somebody crazy, it makes you do crazy things? You spend each second of your time thinking about him/her. You day dream and desire to see him either during your school holidays or the regular term events. Crushing on somebody is at times a heavy load on your back. It can be nerve wrecking because in many occasions you do not have a clue as to how the other person feels about you.

V-day commonly referred to as Valentine’s Day is the best day to get the load off your chest and have the air cleared. For instance you can use your creative mind to come up with a valentine’s card for your crush.
It has been said time and over again, one word frees us all the weight in the world and pain caused, that word is love.

Love is like a remedy to our daily strives. Whenever you are down and low and feel as if you will have a crappy day, its love that lifts you up. Love is like freedom, one of the best freedoms in the world. It is because of love we are saved from our sins and have the free will. People have lost the reason for love and are busy wallowing day in and out due to self pity, but love, love saves us from a lot of that.

By Muthoni Wachira

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