There are seemingly countless products, tools, methods, and techniques for nearly everything hair related, from everyday moisturizing to deep conditioning. If you’re new, it may feel like the options are almost endless. In order to be successful especially as a newbie, we recommend you start with a natural hair regimen that’s as simple and flexible as possible. Ideally, the best natural regimens involve products that work together in addressing the most important hair needs: protein and moisture.

Shampoo Your Hair

A simple bottle of shampoo does magical wonders to your hair. If you use a lot of oils and styling gels, you need to consider this as it strips your hair of the products build-up and is a great way to start your hair of every month.

Leave-in Conditioner with Lotion

These leave-in conditioners are largely optional but can be a helpful component of a healthy hair care regimen. Leave in conditioner usually help with hair detangling especially after shampooing and conditioning. For a faster method, apply the chosen lotion to your hair in sections and braid some twists. Ensure your hair is still wet for an effective result.


Brush Your Hair with Fingers

Finger combing is one of the best things you can do for your hair at this point. I know it sounds like a lot of work. It’s not! You’ll have to work in sections for more defined curls. Lucky for you, you had made some twists so that will guide you. Undo the twists one by one as you spray water at it and gently comb your hair using just your fingers.

Defined Curls Tip

Reducing the use of heat is a major key component. When it comes to your hair, take as much time as you can away from any temperature encounter during blow-drying or hot curling process which depletes the natural moisture content in the hair. The more your hair is exposed to heat the more it diminishes its curls and increases frizz.