Back in High school, I had a major problem with managing my time. I would spend hours making a timetable of all the subjects I was supposed to read for plus all the extra-curricular activities, then minutes later I would be completely disregarding the Timetable. Until the end of High school, I never really mastered the art of properly managing my time.

Later, actually just recently, I discovered the art of managing my time. I am not perfect with it yet and sometimes, I still mess up with my own self-made schedule. But enough about me. Here are a few tips I learned on how you can manage your time:

Keep a written Schedule

I know this did not work well for me back in High school, but I am older and wiser. Or so I would like to believe. Having a written down schedule can go a long way to help you in your daily activities, way longer than you can imagine.

What I do is, at the start of the week I write down all the things I am supposed to have done. For you, you can plan out all the subjects you are supposed to have read for or assignments to do. Then during the week, when something new comes up, you just add on to the list.

After completing a task, you tick it off. Trust me, there’s nothing sweeter than ticking a task off a list.

Do the tasks in small bits

I cannot emphasize this enough. Most times, when we begin with big tasks, we end up being demotivated. So start with that Kiswahili homework that is just one page, before going to that whole Math’s paper. What this will do, it will give you a sense that you are actually doing something, and plus, ticking off the items off the list, remember?

Time Yourself

This depends on two things. If your written schedule is in a book, you can just set an alarm for a particular task. Let’s say you are supposed to have completed a task in an hour. After an hour, the alarm rings.

Another way is if you decide to write your schedule on the planner apps that have reminders set and deadlines for a specific task you should have done. Some of those apps include Wundelist, Trello, Google Calendar, Todoist, etc. etc.

Reward yourself.

Once you are done with a major task that took hours, sit down, buy something you love, or just relax and watch a movie for a little while. This will make you appreciate your work, and motivate you even further for another task.

Do not over-reward yourself too much though. Just enough to bring back the energy for the next task.

Avoid any distractions

Let’s be honest, when you are trying to do something constructive, it’s when the distractions are the sweetest. Especially social media. I would be honest; I fall victim to this even now when I need to study for cats or exams. The trick is, turn off your phone while doing your tasks.

If your task involves using the internet, keep your mind focused, do not be tempted to go look at what someone has posted. The trick to do this is if you have to use the internet, borrow someone else’s phone or laptop. That way, when something pops out, you will not be as curious.

Another trick is to have the freeze apps on your phone. What it does is basically freezes an app, like Instagram, until you unfreeze it. You can freeze it till you finish your task, and then reward yourself later by unfreezing.


I hope you learned something about time-management and that you will implement all these as you study, or do any tasks.