For most of us, wash day can turn into… an all day affair, depending on what we decide to do to our hair. No matter how long it takes, at the end we all want our hair to be clean, conditioned, moisturized and tangle free.

best-hair-clips-2I was originally attracted to these hair clips because of their color. Once I started using them almost 2 years ago, they’ve been a staple in my wash day regimen.

I like to use the hair clips to stretch my roots when I twist on wet hair. For even more stretch, I apply one clip to the roots and the ends of each twist on my head.

best-hair-clips-1The results? Big hair and stretched roots on day one – score! Stretched hair means less tangles and less breakage. That’s what every natural wants, right?

best-hair-clips-3I also use them during my wash process.

Additionally, they come in handy when I’m prepping my hair for a twist out.

By Vashti
Vashti is the Chief Content Creator of, a Dallas based natural hair & lifestyle blog. She’s been natural since 2009 and shares her journey to encourage others to embrace all that is unique, amazing & beautiful about themselves.