Pucca-pucca-22010871-600-436You’ve probably been wondering why she gives you random hugs whenever you meet or just giving you this seductive look. There is this something in you that just keeps arousing her feelings.  Could she, perhaps, be your secret admirer? Well, look out for these signs to see if she has a thing or two for you:

1.    Random hugs or touching
If she is really interested in you she’ll want to give you that hug (that could probably have been reserved for you) or just touch you anyhow. This could be an affectionate way of getting closer to you.

2.    She wants to flirt
This expresses itself clearly in her body tone and if at all she wants to flirt, and you definitely know it, then she’s interested in you.

3.    She accidentally bumps into you
This is the most case with many chics who want to attract your attention but find it hard to do so by expressing it through speaking. They’ll want you to go on and say something (by saying something they expect you to initiate a chat) even after they’ve apologized.

4.    Her friends gossip about you
You’ll know she’s caught your attention if her friends chitchat about you. This shows that she’s gone ahead to tell her friends how cool you are and would even want to seek their opinion on hanging out with you.

5.    Smile/look
If she smiles and stares at you often, in a bid to maintain and lock eye contact with you. Here you know she is smitten! Note that not all chics do smile at all times and in such cases she could just be a shyer.

6.    Body Language
There is a high likeliness that you’ve caught her attention if she criss-crosses her legs, bites her lips or winks at you when you are close to each other.

7.    Questions she asks you
Notice the kind of questions she asks you; whether or not they are relevant. She could just Whatsapp you and ask what you are doing or if you’ve got any plans for the day. Most chics use this tactic to know whether a dude is in a relationship or he’s single.

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By David Ng’ang’a