You don’t have to be rich to get what you want. We are so money oriented we close ourselves to the possibilities. Now there are those mali-mali hawkers, even mali-mali stores. This is goods for goods trading, barter trade.

Hawkers-In-The-StreetMali-mali is so convenient cause you never miss old clothes that you don wear or don fit anymore. Shoes, handbags and accessories as well are accepted by some. This is clever cause toy get your unwanted craps for stuff you can use. Unfortunately most of the mali-mali people trade in plastics and household stuff.

Starting a new home (even just an apartment) can be pretty expensive, having to but utensils kitchen stull laundry tools and all that. Mali-mali is so convenient if you have just moved out of home. You can save thousands. For me, I didn’t buy a laundry basket, dish rack, 3 basins, 2 buckets and containers for storing food in the fridge and spices/grains in the kitchen. These from the supermarket would come to about 7,000 shillings, it cost me 3 pairs of shoes and a trash bag of old clothes.

tradeApply yourself. There are times in college/over the holidays you get pretty broke. Then the best parties often happen when you are your brokest. Perhaps you need to go to the saloon, cause your head suddenly looks like the house mop, or to the kinyozi, but your funds won’t allow you to do both. It is either saloon/kinyozi or party entry fees. What you can do is go to your usual place and offer them a service for a service.

There is always stray hair on the floor, trash to take out or water to fetch. Talk to the people there, explain what you are going to do for them very clearly, then what they are to do for you. Start with your end. Hard workers are often respected. Don’t incur depts. It’s not good, always wise to live below your means, but get all your needs. If they agree, perhaps you can do it some other time-even when you have the cash to pay up to save that up.

barter-Use your stuff to the maximum use. Gels and lotions are often so viscous that when they about over we throw them away. Turn the bottle up-side-down when it starts spitting, you can get at least another 4-7 days’ worth of oil by doing so. The same also applies to the oil in the kitchen, the ketchup/chilli even the salad dressings, anything bottled. For the toothpaste, and other tube stuff there are tube squeezers for 200 shillings (this is a one off purchase so totally worth it, not like you will have to buy another squeezer when toothpaste runs out). If you don’t want the tube squeezer, what my roommate would do was once the tube is “squeezed out” she would cut the middle perpendicular to the tube, and she got enough paste for another few days.

Learning to max all your stuff saves you cash in the long run. You do not spend as much. By prolonging the use, you spend less in the same amount of time. Do not take it to the extreme to be miserly. No, my point is do not waste. You paid for the entire product, utilize it entirely, get your money’s worth!!

Sell-trade-and-barterBy Zahra