You can’t force someone to like to you, but there are things that you can do to be a more likeable person. Read on and find ten simple ways that will make more people like you.

  1. Don’t be too shy to talk

Confidence is always a plus and is always a good look. Practice on your own if you have to, preferably in front of a mirror. Overcome shyness.

Confidence Level Conceptual Meter

2. Adopt an open body language


Don’t look sulky; It’s important to appear welcoming; your negative body language can also look intimidating. Always be conscious       of your body language, and make sure you appear pleasant.


3. Don’t pretend to know everything

Nobody likes a know it all. If you are one, curb that behavior now! No, in fact, do away with it once and for all. It is repulsive and you should keep it under control if you are to make friends easily

4. Lighten your mood

Everybody has problems, but how you deal with them can heavily determine another person’s attitude to you. Just learn to deal with it, keep calm and make sure you’re fine before you go out to meet people. Don’t be a buzzkill

5. Be interested in other people

Always show a genuine interest in other people. Don’t find a way to turn a story to be about you, some people always have a miraculous way of doing so.x Listen more than you speak, and people will want to talk to you more oen.

6. Smile!


Smiling through everything is a sign of strength and resilience, and people always feel safer in the presence of such a person. Smile, always

7.Don’t take yourself too seriously




People feel more relaxed around people who can laugh at themselves, and therefore don’t feel the need to choose their words during conversation. This makes for very healthy conversations and friendships.

  1. Don’t gossip

Gossiping is a nasty behavior; nobody feels comfortable in the presence of such a person If you’re always talking to them about other people, how are they to trust you with their business?

  1. Give your time freely

If you’re selfless with your time, expecting nothing in return, people will find it easy to depend on you. This will foster beautiful friendships.

10. Be yourself


You can only be yourself. However, what can be improved is what version of you to be. Be beautifully authentic, and be the best possible version of yourself.