ligt-skinned-Someone once told me that if I want to find my purpose in life I should find out what I love doing, my passion. Finding your purpose in life is the only way you can make your life to have meaning. Your life will actually make sense when you figure out why you’re here. I read somewhere that two of the most important times in your life are when your born and when you know the reason why you are born. Each person has an obligation to solve a particular problem in their generation and that will only happen when people start doing what they love.

As I was growing up my guardians did not approve what I wanted to be. When I was in class one I told them I wanted to be a musician they refused, so I had to change my dreams. An year later I told them I wanted to be a news anchor because I thought they looked really cool on TV and had fun lives but I got the same two word answer,no. I had to tell them something they wanted to hear so the next I told them that I wanted to be a lawyer but the difference between this answer and the last two is that my heart was not in it. I was just saying it to please them.

This is what most people do are doing this days, living other people’s dreams, trying to be what they are not. More than half of the guys stuck in traffic every rush hour morning hate the jobs they are rushing to go to, almost half of the guys going to campus hate their lectures because they were forced to attend them. These are the people who only live for the weekend because the rest of the week they are dead doing things they don’t love.

A poet once told me that if you love something or someone let them go and if they come back then it was meant to be. Well that’s how passion is to me somehow because as much as I was being forced to push it away and as much as I tried to run away from it, I just found myself doing what I love. That’s why I don’t live for the weekend and I wake up every day with a smile on my face. It might not be easy but it’s fun because it comes from the heart and nothing can beat that.

Lupita said that our dreams are valid, but I believe they are only valid if you believe in them and do everything that you can to make them a reality. Make a difference this week. Make an effort to figure out what you love doing and do it. Then surround yourself with people who have an experience in whatever you want to do. Your love might be in acting, medicine, law or any type of sport. Work for what you love and you will never lack the feeling of fulfillment and happiness in your life.

Piece by: Charles Gituro

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