College-Class LookA day to class you don gotta look so serious. Matching your shows with your top is not only classy, but so darn handsome. It shows toy pay attention to your wardrobe and girl love a man who looks good.

Suit with Converse

Sexy Suit with Converse
Regular suits can often be seen as quite stiff and proper. When you adorn converse rather than leather laced shoes, it shows comfort. You also look pretty down to earth as well as approachable. It is a daring look. Remember however to always match up your colors properly.

Color Splash All Stars
This look screams confidence! Get your jeans, a proper shirt, a trench coat and a pair of converse. Do not be afraid of color! Women are attracted by bright colors. Add a touch od color to this look with the shirt and/or shoes.

Classic Converse
You can never go wrong with just a t-shirt and jeans!! This look it timeless, classic and still looks cool.

Justin Beiber-Top and Bottom Rule
Top & Bottom Rule is not only for girls. Boys converse comes in an array of colors. This gives you the flexibility to match up your hat to your shoes, or even your shirt to your shoes. Justin Beiber shows the outfit was carefully thought after and not another case of grabbing what was first in the closet.

Short Shorts with Converse

Shorts with Converse
Shorts never grow old. Converse can add that little spice to an otherwise regular look. It add a feel of cool, yet simple.

Bow Wow-Swag
Serious top, chilled bottom… this look carries a lot of swag. Wear your baggy jeans with your converse and top these off with a serious work shirt and a sweater. This look as shown by Bow Wow, just oozes swag.

By Zahra <>