gagakOur epitomes today are international celebrities such as Rihanna, Rita Ora, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga, Nicky Minaj, Christina Aguilera, Jessie J and Cher Lloyd.

Christina Aguilera.

She plays it simple by having candy floss highlights done to her hair. She looks absolutely lovely. I just love how she coordinates it with her make up I wouldn’t want to imagine her in plain hair.


She started off by trying to play around with different hair color till she finally settled on her signature red hair in which says a lot about her fierce and daring personality. I’m sure you will agree with me that red suits her best.

Rita Ora.

She tried pink, dint work so well for her; she added a pinch of purple, still not there yet. She decided to go grey… turned out to be a little bit better. But the ultimate look was the colorful haute hawk look that she pulled off.  Bright and multi; that’s the Rita I know.

Katy Perry.

When it comes to Katy Perry, it becomes difficult to choose. This young lady stuns in every color she puts on her hair. I don’t know whether it’s the aspect of fantasy that she puts in my head but ponies, rainbows and colors are her best attributes. She’s a colorful doll.

Lady Gaga.

This fireball monster has of course sampled different hair extensions and dyes. The white makes her look too pale but the best suited for her is the bright yellow incorporated with the blonde that she has. Why? Because with all that crazy that she has going on its best if she goes simple with the hair lest we get a heart attack by just throwing a glance at her.

Nicki Minaj.

Barbie bitch is known to have a whole house dedicated solely to store her trillion wigs. I think we even forgot about how her real hair looks like. But hey! Who is complaining? She rocks it with every style color she tries on. I love how she will just blend two colors separately and still look awesome we should learn daring-to-charm from her.

Miley Cyrus.

I, like most of the girls, wanted to be like Miley right before she lost it and went bad-chiq-crazy.

She played it simple and charming. She was that one girl that you adored so much.  She was cute with the sexy aspect somewhere there till even her hair underwent a revolution to crazy world. Enough of that, just enjoy the three pics of innocence that your rarely see in your screens today.

Cher Lloyd.

I hope you agree with me that she is only suited for candy flossed hair. The red and blue hair where pure disasters. The brown base blonde was cute. But still, till she added the pink she was still lacking signature. Cher please stick to the candy floss highlights.

Jessie J.

Notice a pattern? Coz I do. She doesn’t like messing up her upper hair. And this is what spells out simple and sophisticated. She looks absolutely gorgeous. Even when she tries out a little whole shade, she still pulls off that breath-taking look.

So using these examples, find out who is your best celebrity who plays around with your best hair color and emulate them. Don’t be scared to style up in a colorful way. All the best.

By Louisa Nungari

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