The cold season is here! =( With all the flus and colds and non-joy that comes with it. This is the time mum loves to dress us up like we live in the north pole. You become so bundled up, we cant make you out. Looking like a walking heap of clothes.

Gilrs, we love love our bodies, and there is absolutely no need to go the freeze and shine way. This just puts your health at risk and you’d just look absolutely daft. Dress for the season!!

Mum wants us warm and as such she is most likely to pull out one of her own sweaters for you to wear. Thinkin that ours are too thin and not warm enough. This is how you can rock it; get yourself some thermal pants (or super warm tights) and boy boots or ankle boot sneakers. This way you will be comfortable, look great and mum will be happy too.


An off the shoulder look is always sexy. With long sweaters, this is easy since they tend to have a wide neck. For this season, there are afternoons when the sun is out but there is still a cold breeze. This look is created for such days. For an extra hot feel, wear this sweater with thigh-high boots.

long sweater-scarfimagesJust because the weather is grey, doesn’t mean you have to be grey too. This is the season to experiment with your color pallet. You can match up all sorts of colors, for instance have this stripped sweater with a checked scarf. Remember not to go too wild. If your top half is bright, keep the bottom part subtle and dullish. You do not want to look like the rainbow just puked all over you.

1980s-clothing-batwings-etsyColor blocking can never go wrong. Have a long sweater in a monotone, you can even match it with your hair, LoL. Key here is to keeping warm, but still look trendy. Fashion is all on self expression, Be Cool, Be You, Enjoy!!

By Zahra