Fur coats are the one of the ways to keep warm in this chilly weather. However, they tend to make your look over the top. This is despite how much you try to make it casual. Hear are tips to wear a fur coat without looking as if you have overdone it.


Fur coats are known to be for more fun looks. However, you can rock these amazing coats in any formal event. Your color choice should be soft or natural. Something that does not grab attention easily. The rest of the outfit should be formal.


For the days you want to look really casual, you can never go wrong with a fur coat. All you need is a pair of jeans, sneakers and a simple t. shirt. The fur coat can even be oversized depending on your preference. This look for the days you just want to look simple or maybe a tomboy vibe.


During your day’s out with your friends you want to make a statement. A fur coat is the way to go. You can pair your fur coat with a really nice dress. All this will depend if your dress is printed or plain. If it is a plain dress, your fur coat can be printed. However, if it printed, you should go with a plain fur coat. As much as you are trying to make a statement, you should not be too distracting.



The 70’s looks are coming back with a big wave. Everyone wants to rock like they did in the past. Fur coats were a big deal in those days. If you want a successful 70’s look, fur coats are definitely the way to go. This is especially if it western inspired.

Dressing down a fur coat really depends on your style. Remember that different coats make different statements. The shorter fur coats look funky, the mid length ones look classy, the long ones look super dramatic.

Do not be afraid to throw in a scarf in that look. If the reason you went with the fur coat look is because of cold, then it is probably because you are cold. You might also want to cover your neck. Do not over do it with the scarf though.