lying teensHow can you tell when someone is lying? It can be devastating when you find that someone you trusted has been lying all along. We humans are not actually very good at detecting lies, we would prefer to take people at face value, but then, sometimes, we find ourselves bitterly disappointed. There are ways, though, that you can detect a liar, through their body language. So read these ten telltale signs that will tell you, that someone is lying to you and next time, you will be ready for them.

1. A lack of hand gestures

Our first tip on how to tell when someone is lying is to observe the gestures. People use their hands to expand on what they are saying, when they are genuinely passionate about the conversation. Beware when a person suddenly stops using hand gestures, because that could well mean that even they don’t believe in what they are saying.

2. Watch for the eye contact

Another good tip on how to spot a liar is to watch for eye contact. Eye contact can be a difficult one to judge, because an unpractised liar will avert their gaze, if they are lying, whereas a practiced liar will hold your gaze for longer than usual, in a deliberate attempt to convince you that they are telling the truth. The answer is to look for the changes in the way that they look at you, that will usually give them away.

3. Hiding their face

People who are lying will often try to hide their deceit behind their hands. Beware of the person that uncharacteristically brings their hands up to their mouths or their face, while talking, because they might be trying to hide something from you. Nose scratching and ear pulling are also subconscious ways to unveil that people try to hide a lie.

4. Watch out for the ‘Oscar winning’ performance

Another good tip on how to tell when someone is lying to you is to observe whether that person talks naturally or is performing. People who lie often talk as though they have rehearsed a speech and they have typically thought through what they are going to say to you. It’s rarely a completely off-the-cuff thing, so they will have rehearsed their speech beforehand, and you will be able to spot their Oscar winning performance, if you are looking for it.

5. Watch out for the long pauses

Unless they are very good at it, people need time to spin a good yarn. This means that they are likely pause, longer than usual between something that you say and their answer. This is to give them time to work out an answer that will fit in with the story that they are weaving.

6. Lip licking

Next good tip on how to tell when someone is lying to you is to watch their lips. Lying puts a lot of stress on the body, and one of the most common symptoms that liars suffer from, is a dry mouth. One of the best giveaways, when someone is lying to you, is their uncontrollable desire to lick their lips, so watch out for that one!

7. Saying the word ‘honest’ too often

Another great tip on how to spot a liar is to notice the words that that person uses. Someone who is lying will try and overly convince you that the lie is the truth. They will use phrases like ‘to tell you the truth’, ‘to be honest’ and ‘believe me, when I tell you’; they repeat these types of words so often, that you will soon realise that they are using these phrases just to make you believe their lie.

8. Watch for the sweating

Have you ever noticed that in the old TV detective shows, the murderer always sweats under interrogation? Well, this is based upon fact that people do sweat more when then lie. Watch for the signs of excessive sweating or of clammy palms, when you shake their hands, it could be a sign that something fishy is going on.

9. Blushing

Next tip on how to tell when someone is lying to you is to watch out for the blushing face. Blushing is uncontrollable, you’ve probably had that experience, when you are embarrassed, you can feel the blush coming and there’s just nothing you can do to stop it. It can be the same when someone tells a lie, so watch for the unexpected blushing face, which could be the sign of a fib.

10. Watch the feet

The feet of someone lying can give a lot away too. Uncontrolled tapping of the foot can mean that someone is trying to keep something from you, as is pulling their feet back from you as they talk. Apparently, even president Nixon gave away his guilt, by pulling his feet back when talking, it’s a sure sign that a person is trying to hide something.

source: Internet

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