Whatsapp to Signal

Whatsapp ‘s newly updated privacy policy has recently become a cause of concern with the app developers threatening to shut down accounts that won’t accept the privacy policy by the specified date. The updated privacy policy gives Facebook, the parent company, more access to user data compared to before. This has led to massive uproar amongst the app’s users who consider that infringing into their privacy. The app developers on the other hand, don’t seem to be backing down on this move yet as they are determined to see it through. This has forced many users to seek alternative platforms like Telegram and Signal. Signal has however stood out, especially after getting a massive shout out from billionaire Elon Musk.

Here is a simple guide on how to move yourself and your group chats from Whatsapp to Signal.

  1. Install the Signal App

Download the Signal App for free from your app store depending on your OS i.e. Android or iOS. Install the app.

  1. Enter your Mobile Phone Number

Once you open the app, it’ll prompt you to enter your phone number after which it will request for a verification code that will be sent to your phone. Key in the verification code.

  1. Create your PIN

Create a PIN of at least four digits. Your PIN can consist of both letters and numbers.

  1. Create a username

Start setting up your profile by adding your username. Your username doesn’t have to be your real name, in fact you can even use an emoji. Then add your profile photo (optional).

  1. Enjoy free chatting!

You can then start chatting with other signal users by tapping the pencil icon on the upper right corner (on iOS) or the lower right corner (on Android) of the home screen. It will pull up your existing contacts who are already on Signal or prompt you to invite other new users.

How to port a Whatsapp chat group to Signal

Here’s how to port your Whatsapp chat groups to Signal if you would like get everyone from the group to your Signal group. It’s an easier option if you don’t want to add individual group members manually all over again.

  1. Create a new Signal group

Tap “New Group” on your contact screen. It will bring up an option to either add new members from your contacts or search current users by phone number.

  1. Skip

Tap on skip on the upper right corner (on iOS) or lower right corner (on Android). Since you want to invite specific group members from your Whatsapp group, you’ll have to skip this step.

  1. Name your new group

On this step, you can either give your group a similar name to the Whatsapp group or a different name entirely.

  1. Invite the members to the new group

Once the group is live, you’ll get popups enquiring if you would like to invite friends through a group link. Tap the enable button and then share the link. Copy the link.

  1. Invite the old Whatsapp group members to join the Signal group

Paste the Signal group link on the old Whatsapp group and request the members to join using the link. The link gives the members a one-click access to the new Signal group. You can then add other members to the group later on once they are on Signal.


NB: This won’t transfer the previous group’s chat history but it will simply make it easy to bring together the previous group members to this new group. Though you can always export a copy of your chats from Whatsapp to your own device.