Not going out means no need to lay your edges, apply heat or plait your afro hair anymore. If you are already tired of the protective hair cycle, worry not. Now, this is the best time to be good friends with your hair. So relax and read on for these afro hair tips.

Have On Hand…

Afro Hair

A good shampoo and conditioner. So before you purchase one, make sure you have done some background information and reviewed its feedback. Treat your hair and leave it overnight with a nice oil applied. A good hair product (oil) is supposed to help in moisturizing, good smell, edges regrowth and helps the hair to become softer. Decide how much hair product to use depending on how much hair you have.

Take Your Time

Leaving your hair treatment routine overnight is one way of taking your time. When you shampoo your hair and add treatment, put a plastic cap on and leave it on for a while. These make sure it penetrates the hair. Later on, Detangle your hair, rinse the conditioner out, put hair in twists to let it air dry. Don’t rush.

Get Your Twists Out Popping

Afro Hair

When it comes to the part of doing the twists, get a comb and divide your hair into sections. Others leave in the conditioner before doing their twists (optional). Do a double strand twist with each section for a more spiral, afro look.

Revive Your Edges

If your edges are weak, don’t do anything tight around your hairline or slick your hair down. At night rather than tying a satin scarf around your head like a pirate, which rubs your edges, try a loose bonnet over your hair instead. Just keep everything loose until your edges grow back.


DIY Oils And Treatments

Time to play around with the oils you have in your cabinet. Find one which is positively reviewed. Don’t go for something that makes your hair crispy. Try some natural treatment procedures like avocados, eggs and many more being talked about. Choose your favorite YouTuber who has the same hair type and be realistic about the result. These help you know whether it’s helping or not.