We live in the generation of the selfie. Thanks to social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, the selfie is a natural, culturally-acceptable display of narcissism. However, selfies can easily go awry. Consider the following tips to achieve an attractive, quality selfie that will get you all the likes, even from self-proclaimed selfie-haters.

Blue Swimsuit self portrait

1. Choose a simple background- One of the biggest mistakes people make is taking a selfie with an awkward or unappealing background. Examples include the bathroom, a messy room, a broom closet, or simply not being aware of your chaotic surroundings.  Choose a background such as a plain wall, a comfy living room, or the natural outdoors.

2. Find your best angle- It’s true. We have good angles, and bad angles. Play with different angles, but don’t take pictures from too high above or too low below. This will skew the perception and could accentuate things you don’t want accentuated.selfie 5

3. Don’t pucker your lips- Remember the kissy duck face? Good, now forget about it. Puckered lips and hollow cheeks are a thing of the past.  Focus on looking like a natural beauty, not a cartoon character.selfie 6

4. Stay classy, please- Selfies are supposed to look sexy, we get that.  But please don’t take off your shirt, push up your cleavage, or turn yourself into a sexual object.  Always assume that future employers, family members, or internet weirdos can and will find these pictures. Upholding an approachable, classy image will save you face in the long run.

5. Avoid bright windows- When taking a selfie next to a bright window, you’ll end up with an overexposed, ghostly complexion. Sunlight is a good thing, and maybe you’re trying to mute out a pimple or something. Instead, work those angles to frame your look.selfie 2

6. Choosing the right caption- A picture is worth a thousand words, which is something you’ve heard a million times before. With social media, nobody wants to read a thousand words, so stick to something simple, legible, and not completely self-centered. Don’t call yourself ugly, say you just got out of the shower, or mention an ex in a selfie caption. Using an inspiring quote is ok, just don’t make it cheesy. An emoji or two will suffice, just don’t go overboard.

7. Choose the right filter- Choosing a filter is quite possibly one of the more laborious selfie processes. Do you go with Valencia or Rise? Whatever filter you choose, make sure it captures your mood appropriately, and doesn’t alter your look to the point where you are unrecognizable. For example, don’t choose a filter color that makes it look like your face is on fire at a rave. Choose one that’s a bit more calm and inviting.

by: NaNa