Fashion is all about taking chances. Ever wondered how some people look great in almost everything they wear, even when it’s not in the fashion market? Don’t be afraid to take chances. Today we all about sweat pants. They used to be the in thing in the 80s and 90s, well they are back and this time, way better!!

There are different ways of rocking this sweatpants. It’s all about knowing your body type and how to make the pants look good on you. You have to know the ideal top to rock with these pants. Girls, you have a wide variety to choose from. You have crop tops, sweat shirts, baggy or fitting t-shirts, it’s entirely your choice. What you feel comfortable in, you do that.

Shoes are an awesome fashion statement. Just cause you in sweat pants don’t mean you gotta forget to rock some cool shoes.
1. For the plus size girls, Sweatpants go with almost anything. The secret is to get the ideal one. For the plus size girls, this type of pants looks good if they are baggy at the upper part and tight at the bottom. Remember, gone are the days of wearing baggy sweatpants that pull around the hem. In anything that you do, make sure the bottom part towards your ankle. These days it is almost always tight.

2. For curvy girls, sweat shirts are the best but to avoid being too obvious. Some tight fitting tops can work for you. Remember the secret is to take chances and feel comfortable in whatever you choose.

3. For the slender girls, you are the lucky ones in this look. Your body can go well with the baggy ones or the tight fitting ones so it all depends on you. If you would like to showcase that body then the tight fitting ones from the top to the bottom are the best. The best thing though is to try both and see the one that you look good in.

Every great bottom has to be paired with an equally awesome top. For the slender girls I would recommend crop tops. This look is very sexy, that’s if you are not afraid to show some tummy skin.

Who would have guessed that girls can rock sweatpants with heels? Well now you know. So girls, you can wear this sweatpants look and rock it on a date!The heels mainly work with those who choose to wear tight fitting sweatpants from top to bottom with something like a crop top and a fitting jacket. The heels are not just any type, you have to find out which one goes well with you. I know though that heel boots never disappoint. Other shoes that go with sweatpants for girls are old schools, walker boots, snickers you name it. Generally, it’s mostly the unisex shoes that go with it. Again remember to try various types and choose what works best for you.

By Susan Osewe

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