sweat pantsFashion is all about taking chances. Ever wondered how some people look great in almost everything they wear, even when it’s not in the fashion market? Well you have it; take chances. Today we all about sweat pants. They used to be the thing in the 80s and 90s, well they are back and this time, way better!!

Compared to the girl, guys your case is quite easy. For you, tight fitting sweatpants are a killer. But there are those who have to go for the upper baggy and tight fitting at the bottom. Make sure you know your body well.

What to wear with sweatpants for boys, choose tight fitting shirts mostly those who’ve got the chest.
The rest, if you think a tight fitting shirt is not for you, go for sweat shirts, or baggy t-shirts. Pollo shirts are also a killer when matched with sweat pants. You can also add a fitting blazer, some stylish knit wear or a jacket. The secret is to go for the one that works best with you.

For the shoes, well boys you do not have much variety. I think most of your shoes can go well with sweatpants. From snickers to old school, safari boots, and walker boots you name it. And oh! You can also improve that casual look and make it somewhat official by doing some formal shoes with a tight blazer.

That’s a male look gals would die for.

Now you are in the know, Good luck in rocking your sweatpants this Christmas season.

By Susan Osewe

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