Meg C

If you are an artist trying to get a break into limelight, then you know how difficult it is. Getting a mere airplay and your music circulate is tedious and having fans recognize and anticipate for your music ain’t a joke. So, which tactics have other artistes used to get a break-through?

  1. Collabos with big artistes.

We spoke about this days ago. How some artistes have banked in working with bigger artistes hence grabbing a larger audience. Take an example of VicMas Luodollar. When he did Bank Otuch very few people knew him but after featuring Octopizzo, almost everybody in Kenya knows him. Same case with Habida and Nameless, Otile Brown and King Kaka, to mention just a few.

2. Covers for bigger songs.

You are an artiste, you love a song that is doing so well done by some other bigger artiste, say Diamond Platinumz. If you do a cover for such a song, do a video then let it go viral, chances are you will be noticed and people will anticipate for your next project. Take Justin Bieber for instance, how was he discovered? Nowadays the internet has powers to take you places. And by the way, you can do a cover, better than the original version.

 3. Diss Tracks.

Diss tracks are a hip-hop thingie. We’ve had artistes dissing bigger artistes and that becomes their stepping stone to fame. In the recent femcee battle, Kyki replied to Femi One’s diss. Kyki went ahead to acknowledge that indeed, Femi One’s track had provided the less known female artistes to be noticed by hitting back.

4. Publicity stunts.

This is not the best way to break through in entertainment though many people use it. It’s very common to hear an up-and-coming artiste claim that some big artiste has stolen their song. Well, normally it’s difficult to ascertain the truth but then it makes people raise eyebrows about the artiste claiming foul play. we have had some artist pose semi-nude sending tongues wagging. Publicity stunts help for established artistes to stay relevant, but they don’t help one’s art.

 5. Starring in other artistes’ videos.

The role of a video vixen can be helpful at times. When you’re always seen in music videos done by big artistes, it kinda opens a way for you. Look at Meg C, before getting into music, she was a video vixen for Jimw@t in the song “Under 18”. Consequently, when she did her first solo project it was hit.