There is nothing more dramatic than two beautiful women fighting over a man, it is an age old fight that has been there for ages.

Rumor has it that Diamond got up to some mischief when he was in Kenya headlining a Meru concert a few weeks back.

And as it turns out, he apparently got very cosy with Huddah!

Huddah and Zari seem to have have gotten into a war of words online, and God only knows how it is going to end up.

“When you think your man is yours kumbe (yet) he is ours. And I ate and dined with both of you. Having kids with someone to tie him down doesn’t mean he won’t leave. The little boy is public property, you order him like pizza. Don’t hate the player or the game, hate yourself, Madam!”

Huddah ranted on Snapchat.

Zari who is married to Platnumz addressed Huddah by posting a pic of her and her man Diamond with the caption below

“Watu na bae zetu… nyaku nyakus can’t even post their own. Told you, if he can’t claim you in public, don’t give him the goods in private. You know what that means right and I bet you know where that leaves you. Tag your bae and wish him or her a good night. #ToWhomItMayConcern.” Zari posted

And just like in every cat fight ever reported in history, the man is never to be seen; Diamond has been quite about the entire situation,

The hottest East African power couple have a one year old together and Zari is about to give birth to their second born,