Huddah the boss chiq has once again made an appearance in the public domain. This is after everyone thought she had gone silent on her fans then boom! Huddah who is currently on vacation in Diani showed her fans what a good bikini and sunshine can do.

The pictures that have been doing rounds on social media have not only left her fans in awe but also team mafisi members.

While enjoying the holiday huddah wrote on her instagram,’WELCOME to the KENYAN COAST.
I’ve been to Monaco , I’ve been to Saint Tropez , I’ve been To Cannes , but those rocky , brown sand beaches kill me…. KARIBU DIANI! WHITE SANDY BEACHES! My country Kenya is Paradise!’. If she is promoting tourism in the country then i guess it is a job well done.


Huddah also went ahead to urgee women to appreciate themselves in every way possible. Her Instagram post read: Today , Call a Spade a Spade and not a big spoon. I believe Every woman is beautiful in her own unique way that’s why men keep running from 1 to the other 🤣…..So, What makes me Shook is when people try to body shame women . Especially in this backward society of blacks. Beautiful Skinny women are always being attacked for having no ass for example and FAT women are called THICK to make it sound sexy and not hurt their feelings, LMFAO! As far as I’m concerned u are either FAT , PETITE or SKINNY! Thick ? are u porridge?🤣🤣🤣Point is, People should just accept Others and themselves for who they are coz Even Your fingers are not the same size, stop making your life hard & go follow who / what you love and forget about what you don’t like!!!! SIMPLE ‘.

Here are some of Huddah the boss chick: