Victoria Kimani does not play when it comes to her music, She gives her best in all the songs she does.

Her latest song ‘Gota” has already started making waves, in the feud world that is. In one of the lyrics of the song, Victoria is heard referring to Huddah in the worst way possible

Natoka Mbali, Victoria Kimani nani, Wanajua Mi Ni Nani..Sihanyi Mabuda, Mimi sio Huddah

Woah! She must have hit a nerve y’all. We cannot tell if Victoria was acting simply on artistic basis or if she truly has a bone to pick with the socialite/entrepreneur


And now Huddah is responding, in her classic clap back style.

Edaily contacted Huddah requesting her for a response. She however kept it short and sweet by saying

Sorry, I don’t respond to irrelevant people. Call me when you want to talk about my cosmetics

Well, there you have it, Huddah considers Victoria Kimani irrelevant! We wonder how the singer will come back from this one.