Huddah Monroe aka mistress of all trades, is never afraid to speak her mind, but her latest statement may just be completely out of line-even for her! Unless you have been living under a rock, you should know by now there have been allegedly unlawful killings of NASA demonstrators as they get into the fourth week of demonstrations.

Taking to her stories on gram, Huddah expressed how she truly feels about the killings that have been going on.

“Personally, I think nobody should moarn(sp) the death of anyone who dies at a demonstration-the families should not even bury them, they should let their bodies get eaten by dogs, MSIBA WAKUJITAKIA hauambiwi pole!” she wrote.

What an insensitive and careless thing for Huddah to say, this statement is bound to outrage Kenyans. She could have at least gotten her spellings right, what is moarn?!( It is spelt as mourn).

At the height of such political tension, celebrities should clearly stay in their lane and stick to what they know best.

What do you think of Huddah’s statement? Did she take it too far?