Well we have seen successful transplant happen over the years that have taken place, from heart, kidney,pancreas and liver transplants. successful or unsuccessful surgeons are not giving up on discovering new things the human body can do.

Believe it or not an Italian surgeon  has been working on how he can swap people’s heads. YES! crazy as it sounds am still in disbelief that someone has even volunteered to have his head amputated and get a ‘new’ head.


Sergio Canavero, Neurochirurgo delle Molinette a Torino, in una foto d'archivio. ANSA/DI MARCO / KLD

A 30 year old  Russian Valery Spiridinor has volunteered to undergo the 11 million, 36 hour procedure. This guy really got nerves or is he going to lose some nerves too.



wishing this science project all the best.