How can you tell you are suffering from low self-esteem. Many people put on a front for others. We think we are fine, yet sometimes out of nowhere we simply cannot stand our own company. Life can seem so overbearing, inakuonea, and unfair! Here are the last 9 signs to check if you really suffer from low self-esteem;low sad-man2

10. You are highly insecure
Having low self-esteem makes you insecure. You could be having a good lover but you miss-read simple misunderstandings or mannerisms to mean your lover is leaving you. Your low self-esteem makes you highly suspicious even when there are no grounds to be suspicious. You question why you are loved, what is so good about you that your lover would stay? You question when things go well; you doubt, you worry, you feel your position is ever threatened. Doing so makes it hard to love you and chokes your relationship.

11. You don’t feel attractive
People with low self-esteem feel unpretty, ugly, average, pathetic, and not good-looking. In life, how you perceive yourself to be is how you will handle yourself and how you will appear. People with low self-esteem don’t feel sexy, even when with their spouse they have a problem being naked, they hate sex because it puts them on the spot and reveals how they feel unsexy, they doubt any compliment made to them. In feeling un-pretty, you will also end up dressing shabbily.

12. You see yourself as a victim
People with low self-esteem blame others and feel the world is always against them. They complain too much and give excuses that the world is the reason they are how they are.low

13. You give up too easily
Low self-esteem will make you give up on things too easily because you feel you have no fighting chance. You feel other people are more entitled to success and opportunities but not you.

14. You let others define who you are
Compliments are good but having low self-esteem makes you dependent on them. If people don’t compliment you, having a low esteem will make you feel crashed. If people say you’re ugly, your low esteem will believe and accept that. You will hang onto the negative more than anything. 99 people may tell you look great but one will mention how your hair looks off and for rest of the night you will be obsessed with your hair, forgetting the 99 who though you sexy! Whatever people say you are, your low self-esteem takes that to define who you are.

15. You need someone to feel complete
People with low self-esteem feel empty on their own. They find it difficult to be single even for a day and so jump from one relationship to another. They are the kings and queens of rebound relationships which only lead them to more hurt. Seemingly addicted to the hurt-what makes them feel alive. Very sadsad

16. You are ever defensive
People with low self-esteem have created a comfort bubble where they hide and go through life and if you attack that bubble, they will become combative. Darkness becomes their home, they will attack you if you bring them to the light but once in the light, they get used to the light and warmth and begin to love it. If your pal/family is suffering from low self-esteem, don’t give up on them, they will fight you tooth and nail!!

17. You feel you are not entitled to the best
People with low self-esteem feel unworthy of the best of life. Great things will come their way, great suitors wanting to love them but they will let them go because in their mind, they have determined they are only worthy of bread crumbs.

18. You settle for crap
Having low self-esteem makes you stay where you are being misused. You have a lover who beats you, insults you, misuses you, abuses you, cheats on you and you still stay. To make it worse, you give excuses as to why you are being treated badly and you stay ironically saying “This is the best I can ever get”.

Stay happy my lovelies!!
By Muthoni Wachira