How can you tell you are suffering from low self-esteem. Many people put on a front for others. We think we are fine, yet sometimes out of nowhere we simply cannot stand our own company. Life can seem so overbearing, inakuonea, and unfair! Here are some signs to check if you really suffer from low self-esteem;low SAD

1. You are highly anti-social
There is a difference between an introvert and being anti-social. People with low self esteem would rather stay alone and not engage in any relations or maintain as little connection with others as possible. They do this because it is draining to engage others, and out of fear that engaging with others will reveal their magnified shortcomings. No one is perfect, but people with low self-esteem magnify their imperfections.

2. You hate looking at the mirror
People with low self-esteem hate how they look. They wish to change so much about themselves. Many let themselves loose because they don’t feel good about themselves so why try and keep themselves looking good? They are overly self conscious and look at others and wish to be them.

3. You see God being constantly ashamed of you
If you are religious, having low self-esteem gives you a disjointed view of God. People with low self esteem feel God prefers others than them and feel God is punishing them. They miss out on the message of grace and love because their low self esteem shouts too loud. They find it hard to forgive themselves because they believe the wrongs they did deserve eternal punishment.Sad black man in front of grunge wall

4. You see others as out of your league
A guy with low self esteem will keep off approaching the “higher” type of chiq. A gal with low self esteem will see herself unworthy of a “higher” dude. People with low self esteem form classes of people and put themselves in the lowest of the lower class keeping off those they perceive as up there, which is inevitable everyone!

5. You depend on outside appearance to determine your worth
People with low self-esteem need boosters. A booster will be in the form of fancy clothes, cars, material things, prestige; to the point that if you strip these boosters off them, they will feel worthless and without meaning. They cling to these external displays of magnificence to find worth.

6. You are a push over
People with low self-esteem feel their voice is of little importance. They will be trampled on, taken advantage of, used as slaves and say nothing. They don’t know how to say NO or how to stand up for themselves. Although it is good to know when to let things go, but not all the time, especially not someone is using you like a doormat!!low

7. You are a bully
Ironically, others become bullies; they suffer from a lack of internal meaning and so they feel a need to step on others to elevate themselves. A bully is someone trying hard to make themselves big and important because inside that bully feels small.

8. You hide behind addiction
Having low self-esteem makes you addiction dependent. You need alcohol to make you friendly and social, instead of pursuing real relationships you would rather masturbate and have a relationship with toys, you give your body casually to prostitution to fill an inner emptiness; you find it hard to stop the addiction because the reality is you need the addiction to hide in and pretend all is well. Some even get into virtual reality, always playing online games where they have created their ideal persona. Created a world where they are loved, adored and rule!

9. You decline tasks that will put you on the spot
People with low self-esteem hate being accountable and avoid any means that will make others scrutinize them or even notice them deeply. They will prefer a corner where they remain unknown but sadly the more they hide from tasks the more they don’t grow.

By Muthoni Wachira
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