I know this is totally absurd and crazy, but I do love her a little more than in the friend zone.

BffHey Big Siz, I have a pal I have known for years, in our childhood people even thought we were sister cause of the sheer amount of time we spent together. Our parents were colleagues and also good friends. In prima, we went to the same school, but in seco we went to different schools. We write to each other often and the first few terms it was hard being apart, but I think she got the hung of it. I haven’t. I realised that I actually do love her a lot. Love as is shared in a marriage, not for a sibling. My pal completes me. I know this is cheezy, but she does take my breath away. Puberty has made her sexy and super gorgeous.

Does this make me a lesbian? I am scared to tell her. She also has a mega crush on one of our new neighbours-a boy. I am afraid that if I do tell her, it would put a strain in our friendship and she may not want to hang out with me. She is not a homophobe, but she does not swing that way. Is this just a passing phase? What should I do?


Hi Jess,
Naturally when humans are born, we are of nutral desires. We are actually trained to love one sex or the other. Our environment shapes us in many ways. You are close to your pal. You feel a connection with her that you cannot quite explain, so factor it into lesbianism. It is normal to feel that attraction to her, but it is not lesbianism. You will get a boy to crush on soon enough. What you and your pal have is a soul connection. She feels you as much as you feel her, doesn’t mean there is no room for others. Am sure you love your parents or siblings, no other person can take their place.

I would say it is a passing phase. Many people go thru this but are too shy to talk about it.

Remain happy and keep the friendship. It is such friends who are there for us in EVERYTHING!! Be exstatic you have a true true friend.
Big Siz