Akothee’s IG page went ablaze after a sex tape purported to be hers went viral. Akothee thereafter took to social media to refute claims that the tape going round was hers. “Stop  running away from reality, and sending rubbish in my box the sex tape making rounds is not mine…”   

Going by the contents of the video, there’s very little if anything to be worried about. The woman in the sex tape is particularly melanated, just like Akothee but she bears no resemblance to her in any way.

The contents in the tape actually appalled Akothee and she went on to rebuke them. The cheap location where the tape was taken was clearly a very big miss from the haters’ end! Akothee has much higher standards! 

What of the jewellery worn by the said woman? Well, to say they are cheap, would be an overstatement. Since when did Madam Boss start wearing cheap jewellery?

I don’t do silver bangles and necklaces…madam boss-pure gold…”

Could it be that people are giving Akothee hints about making a sex tape? Well, she doesn’t seen interested and is not tolerating any of the accusations.


Kenyans are giving me ideas of releasing a sex tape. I thought I don’t need a sex tape since I always walk naked…”

That said, there’s definitely no need for a sex tape from Akothee’s end.

She’s doing a good enough job being a ‘walking sex tape’ thanks to her choice of ‘dressing’. So to the rainbow community, lamba kiatu nanii! Madam boss will never find her way to your cheap beds. And for the hungry hyenas, Akothee can only savour the taste of white meat so roll back your tongues!  

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Rue Baby also got wind of the tape and took to her facebook page to hit back at her mother’s critics. “…that is nothing close to my mother. I know this mad woman very well…whoever is trying to implicate her, umebant sana …jaribu tena.”

There’s undeniably strong chemistry between the mother and daughter. Word has it that Rue is Akothee’s favorite child although Akothee herself rubbished the claims. “It’s not that  I love Rue Baby more than the rest of my children; it’s just that I know her other side …” Rue has time and again spread her love to her mother via social media.

Mother and daughter can only laugh at the idea of Akothee recording a sex tape.  To those idlers, spreading the tape, epic fail –  kabisa! Up your game!