I was sitted with a Julie buddy of mine talking and making jokes. Suddenly she burst out and said, “I wanna quit my lesbian lifestyle and get back to the original me. Is it possible?” I was never expecting to hear this from a person who defended her sexuality to the bone. Was this a joke? We had been friends for a while and I had always embraced my Julie’s personality even though we mostly did not talk about it.

What made her think about this all of a sudden? I would ask why she actually got into it in the first place. But that is also a question to ask before we know how she can get back to herself. What makes one actually decide on being gay or a lesbian?

From my knowledge and research some things I came to find out about what lead to lesbianism are as follows:


This would be one of the reasons most people decide to change their sexual orientation. Emotional issues are the most delicate in society especially in women. Women tend to react differently to emotional matter like love and heartbreaks compared to women. Therefore their feelings when messed around with may turn out tragic. Heartbreaks thus might cause some people to develops some kind of barrier to love for the opposite sex. They might develop love for the same sex if the deal on the other side is sweeter.


This has to be the most correct statement I have seen in my research. In today’s society, parents have left their children to be raised by society and social media. Parents are too busy to be involved in the lives of their children. So to avoid being diverted from their ever busy schedules , they provide their children with gadgets. These gadgets enable the kids to access social media and learn different kinds of things from there. By the time the parents realise the kids are heading in the wrong direction, it becomes to late to stop them. This is how most kids end up embracing these habits of gayism.


Curiosity is the master of every invention, be it good or bad. People find themselves in these circumstances of ‘i only want to try it once’. The trial then turns out to be a habit and eventually you find yourself addicted to the habit. Leaving the habit then becomes a problem.


Is it ever a normal act for one to be born with a lesbian or gay character or orientation? Most people may strongly disagree with the notion but it has been proved to be true. Some women may possess more of testosterone than oestrogen. Still doubting women have testosterone? Well both women and men have hormones from their opposite counterparts. If the hormone exceed than the normal then there would be more different qualities. If women thus have the testosterone in excess then they would tend to act like their male counterparts and thus a factor in rising lesbianism.


Women as stated are sensitive in terms of emotional issues. The problem with this is at times men may not understand how to deal with women. What then happens when these issues arise? Women go to their fellow female friends and thus share with them these deep emotional moments. What if one of those female friends is a lesbian, they take the opportunity to comfort each other.Without knowing feelings develop and alas! one is hooked to the lesbian way.

So back to the main question, how can lesbianism be countered? First we have to understand that it is never a disease to be gay or a lesbian. It is something that mostly happens without a person’s knowledge. The habit come when one is at their weakest point emotionally or even one sees themselves not being appreciated in society.


It is all a matter of emotions and once you learn to deal with your emotional make up then one can actually get back to their original self. If you are not into the habit then do not try getting into it. To prevent one from regret later in life, ensure you avoid all the red signs that will lead to the habit.

Parents should also watch their children and teach them the right things about life. Being raised by social media should not be the case, parents should be 100% involved in their children lives. It is a personal choice mostly. Lesbianism and gayism can be stopped if only one decide they want to stop it.