Singer Akothee has always been on the headlines, for all reasons. The controversial singer who recently released a hot video called ‘Tucheze’ is known for her lavish lifestyle, proud to have many kids with different fathers, and even went ahead to say that her hobby is making babies. So what has Madam Boss done this time, made another baby? No. She is in fact a bitter mother, and is fighting to keep one of her sons.

In a post she wrote today on her Instagram, Akothee narrated how one of his ex-hubbies has served him with court papers from a lawyer saying that he wants to settle down hence he needs his son. So where is the problem? The problem is that (According to Akothee), the man has never done anything positive for this boy. Even before his birth, he wanted him aborted. An infuriated Akothee wrote, “I remembered this is the same guy who insisted that I should abort this same child.” She also narrated how the man threw her out at winter when she was nine months pregnant.

God , tell this man, to go & tell his lawyer , that my name is not, Esther Akoth Kokeyo any more & that I am # MADAMBOSS . God, go tell this man that THERE IS FIRE IN THE MOUNTAIN,” she added.