Bongo hearth-throb Diamond Platinumz has been forewarned that ‘the diamond might be turned into water’ today. Celebrity Tanzanian preacher Bishop Joseph Gwajima made the remarks yeasterday after the singer released a song that had a line talking about the preacher. Well, this is what led to the whole stuff.

Bishop Gwajima is a celebrityy preacher whose church has a huge following in Tanzania and he has such a huge fanbase in social media. Weeks ago when there was war against drugs, he was also arrested as a suspected drug baron. This put him in logger heads with the government. Then last week, a popular artiste by the name ROMA was kidnapped by unknown people and it became a big deal, everyone in Tz was talking about it, with many fingers pointing at the government since he was anti-Magufuli since day one.

ROMA Mkatoliki and Moni, who were kidnapped at night by unknown people.

Diamond platinumz then did a very touching song over the crisis and somewhere he talked about the bishop, mara nasikia vya aibu Konda na Gwajima eti ugomvi umekolea….ila kuchunguza kwa karibu ni kuna binti mmoja tu ndio kwa mitandao anachochea…“(He is speaking about the feud between the Bishop and regional commissioner of Dar es salaam), alleging that behind it all was a lady who fuelled it). The above made the reknown preacher go to his instagram page and post;

Sarcastic Diamond was quick to take to his instagram page and explain himself what he meant, and seemed to make fun of the threat.

Well, will Diamond be turned in to water today by the preacher? Let’s wait and see. Listen to the controversial song here.