Bongo Star Diamond is making headlines for his not-so-good ways of dealing with his breakup from Zari Hassan. He represents a fraction of people who fail to control their feelings and actions after a bad break. In this new age of social media, Instagram and other platforms have become people’s handkerchiefs and strangers have become our confidants. Diamond has seemingly reached a point where he finds nothing wrong with using ex-lover, Hamisa Mobetto to make the mother of his children Zari get jealous. He took it to the gram to film a make out session with a strange woman on a bed. Moments later he is seen on a bed trying to cuddle up his other baby momma and Zari’s rival, Hamisa.

Diamond cuddles up with ex-lover and baby momma Hamisa

This and more are some of the common mistakes both men and women make while dealing with post-break up stress. You know we always got you fam and therefore I took it upon myself to compile some don’t s of dealing with a nasty break up.

Do not take it to social media

Lesson number one from the one and only Diamond Platinumz is that we should not take our personal problems to social media. The trouble is that social media can sometimes prolong the pain of a breakup and make it more difficult to heal and move on. Worse, is that most people will use your pain to mock you and make news of it. So do not make your breakup a public soap opera. Retain your dignity and have those difficult conversation in private.

Do not have break-up sex

You do not try to have sex with people you are trying to get over. It is important to think with your brain and not with your heart or genitals during this phase. Cut any trials and temptations of having ‘goodbye sex.’

Do not make it personal

Blaming your now-ex and trying to make things seem so personal is one of the biggest mistakes you could ever do after a break-up. Like Diamond try and cool off just to clear any negativity that may lead you to act in a spiteful way. Making it personal is only a cowardly way of resolving issues.

Do not try to get in touch

Directly or indirectly do not try and get in touch with your ex. Diamond tried it indirectly and look what happened?!Also do not try and persuade them to come back because it won’t lead anywhere good. This is a realtionship that was not right. The less you accept that, the more humiliated and rejected you’ll end up feeling.

Do not rush back into the dating pool

Diamond has seemingly got back to the dating scene as he broadcasted his make-up scene with a mzungu-looking girl and ex-girlfriend Hamisa. When you are just from a break-up you are fragile. You are desperate to feel wanted by anybody. It is unfair to drag someone into your mess with the loan goal of not being alone and keep them around for the off chance that your ex will see you with someone new.  Everyone will just know that your new relationship is just for show. Friends with benefits end up not reaping no benefits at all.

Do not talk s** about your ex, their family or friends

It is easy for you ex’s name or that of people related to them to come up in conversations. Once this happens, keep it short and sweet. You might think that your words will taint their name but you will only be tainting people’s view of you. Talking bad about anybody has never had a good outcome, neither does it look cute on anyone.

Do not abuse alcohol/drugs

Many fans have come out to advise Diamond to drink his issues out like a man. Well, first of alcohol is a depressant and drugs are a slippery-a$$ slope so have fun but in moderation. It might be fun to drink and drunk-dial your ex but you cannot drink everyday. Just remember the best healer is time. It heals all wounds and a breakup is no exception to this rule.

So there you go! #IfikieDiamond