Gaming craze in Nairobi

Video games have become every youngster’s entertainment craze in town! Gaming centres have become the meet up points and hangout joints for both high school and college peeps. Gaming fanatics fill these gaming centres from morning till evening just for the fun not minding the prices at all. Some high school kiddohs even go to the extent of sneaking out of schools simply to have a taste of the fun. With this booming business, there has been rise in competition among gaming entrepreneurs. Rivalry has started cropping up on who will attract the most customers. This has led to more investment in the latest of technology and glamorous facilities just to attract the youth who are craving for some cool stuff. Let’s take a peep at some of the illest gaming joints in Nairobae

  1. Inntech Gaming lounge

This is the coolest unpopular joint in town! This joint is mostly popular with high school students who are looking for some fun time in a not so public place. The joint has everything that the likes of Tric and Game Masterz boast of. This will be the future illest joint ever with it gaining popularity especially with campus peeps. Even socialites nowadays are opting for this place due to its privacy and lack of publicity. So looking for a perfect place to meet the who is who on social media? Look no more!

  1. Score Gaming Lounge

Located at the 2nd floor of Kenya Cinema, this is the new kid in town lemme say, who is giving other gaming joints a run for their money. Its location is just perfect for those looking for some private and quiet joint with some soothing music. This is a cool place to bring your chic out for a romantic fun date especially if your chic is a gamer!

score gaming lounge

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  1. Game Masterz

This is the father of them all! Known as the oldest joint that still looks cool its outlived several joints that have found it in the market and gotten old and gotten closed. It even outlived the once so prominent Youth Planet that used to bring every teen to town! Game Masterz is mostly known for its dope music and cool location. It’s the meeting point for every cool teen in town, where all dates begin! If you haven’t been here, then you haven’t taken your girl out yet!

Game Masterz
  1. Tric Gaming Café

This is so far the craziest joint in town! It has three branches: Tric Titan at the 1st floor of Agrho house, Tric Kronos at El Roi Plaza and lastly the baddest of them all Tric Krypton along Moi Avenue on the 6th floor of Commonwealth house. Even the names say it all! The gaming lounges boast of some of the latest tech in the gaming world from gamepads and racing wheels to the latest ps4 versions and XBOX 360. The gaming lounges have dope furniture and lounges where you can sit relax and pass time or watch a derby match! Tric Krypton even has a mini café so as you enjoy gaming you can also take a bite. If you wanna meet some cool kids, this is the place yooh…

Tric Gaming Cafe

The rivalry among these gaming joints is cool since its beneficial to us gamers. So lets hope it continues and they bring us even more dope stuff!