Kenyan artiste W_Jay Mwenyewe is one of the most hardworking artistes coming up. Working currently with Mainswitch, the singer already has two songs to his name and we featured him a while back (Read here), when he promised to give us something new. He is back, this time with Sololema. Sololema is a lass who was her girlfriend, but the two broke up and now in this song, he is trying to woo her back.

H-Jay is a singer whose voice can easily make one to think he is Tanzanian. His first video Rudi Nyumbani, he says, was like an introductory while his latest is a confirmation that he’s here to stay. “Who would you like to work with, given chance?” we ask him. He mentions Vivianne, Kidis the Jembe and Jaguar, since they are all in Mainswitch. He has already discussed with Kidis, yet to talk it out with Jaguar who is busy with other engagements (political I guess).

Here is his video Sololema, check it out;