If you are a Facebook user, you have prob ably been skeptic about the app because of the recent trust issues it has been undergoing. Many users have also complained of being hacked lately. Having your Facebook account hacked is a nightmare. Imagine a stranger having access to all your private messages, contacting your friends, abusing your Facebook page, and deleting your personal information.

To avoid this, you should regularly update your password and keep your security settings tight. Not just on Facebook; on all of your online accounts!

Once it’s too late, however, you must act fast. The most important thing is – don’t panic! You can regain access to your account.

First of all, how do you know your Facebook account was hacked if nothing obvious changed…yet?

Go into your Facebook account and click the arrowhead in the top right to expand a menu. From the menu, pick Settings and go to Security and Login or just use this direct link.

At the very top, you’ll see a list of devices from which you’ve most recently logged into your Facebook account and when they were active.

Click See More to expand that list and review older sessions. If you spot any suspicious activity in your logins, here’s what you need to do, in the following order

Change your password ASAP!

There might be two steps here if it is too late for you to change your password. If the hacker hasnt changed your password, then head over to the settings menu.

Under Settings > Security and Login, scroll down to Login and click Change password. Enter your current password, set a strong new password and click Save Changes.

If your password has already been changed, then try to regain access. There is a Forgot your password? link underneath the Facebook login:

It will let you retrieve your password in several different ways.If Facebook can find your account, you can choose how to Reset Your Password.


If your account wasn’t simply hacked, but is sending out ads and spam to your friends, you must report it as compromised.

4 Things to Do Immediately When Your Facebook Account Is Hacked Facebook Report Hacked

Remove suspicious applications

Oftentimes, it’s not an evil person that randomly hacked your account. More likely than not you granted access to a malicious Facebook application which subsequently hijacked your account.To remove suspicious applications, go to Settings > Apps and go through the list. Be sure to Show All, hover over applications you’d like to remove, click the X, and confirm by clicking Remove.

Do damage control

After doing everything you can to regain control over your hacked Facebook account and preventing further damage, inform your friends about what is going on.


Once you’re back in control, we highly recommend that you review your Facebook settings.

  • Under Settings > General, update your contact details, add additional email addresses or mobile phone numbers you have access to.
  • Head to Settings > Security and Login to set up extra security measures, including alerts about unrecognized logins, two-factor authentication, and choose 3 to 5 trusted friends who can help you to recover your account should you get locked out.
  • Under Settings > Privacy, choose the privacy settings you’re comfortable with. We recommend letting only friends see your future posts and retroactively limiting visibility of past posts.

Happy Facebook-ing!