wizkid in my bedWizkid’s New Track and Video Titled “In My Bed” created so much hate on the comments because he did not feature black girls in the video.

In my opinion, I don’t think race should be just a big deal. He wanted fly exotic girls that would make his video look and appealing, which it certainly has done! Why the “hateration” people? A mama is sweet “fuoine” whether she be junguu, chinku, rangi ya thao, dark skinned or whatever. Some guys were saying ati he’s not talented. I don’t see anyone of these guys’ name on any music or art work out there.

wizkid-in my bedI think, just like Kenya’s “Pombe Bangi” track and video, some creatives know just how to get guys to view videos and this is exactly what has happened with this video. Since Wizkid is a more global phenomenon, he has been exposed to even more backlash than the other guys.

I think it’s not about “black girls”, coz they would have termed it “Un-African” then, but how opulent the video is, and guys as well as girls, just could not stand it. One letter to describe the video, B: babes, boobs and balling.

The video is just a week old and already has hundreds of thousands of views.

By Thomas Rajula