“Harambee”!  This is a motto meaning pulling all together at once.Kenya gaining independence gave birth to this motto and from it, we created the Kenya we know.

Today, 22nd of August 2016 marks 38 years since Mzee Jomo Kenyatta was laid to rest, it was a sad day for Kenyans when Voice of Kenya radio broke the news. Being the founding president, Kenyatta’s death came way too soon, why do i say it was so soon? I like to compare him to an alpha wolf,he leads and the pack follows.

He gave Kenyans the will to be independent and not be at the mercy of the European colonialists. His death would cause havoc and destruction to the goals and visions for more generations to come.

harambee 4

The motto however did not die as the founder did. It keeps going on to this day. We have seen Kenyans pull together in unison, for example, the Westgate attack. Most Kenyans went to various hospitals to donate blood needed for the surviving victims and for those who could not donate blood donated basic necessities. To me this is what I call a working nation, together for the good of the people.

But come think about it, do we need a disaster to bring us together? Being a youth and a Kenyan citizen my heart is saddened to know that this is probably the most vulnerable way that will always bring us to a platform of togetherness.

harambee 3

How about we all take our pledges and promises by the Holy Book that our patriotism will work all times either at our weakest point or our strongest point. This nation would be the strongest over time. Putting our differences aside would do us more good than harm, and also petty issues should be least of our concerns.Let’s aim for the sun and land on the stars, it’s way better than just being stagnant at a level of no growth and slow improvement.

harambee 5

Harambee starts with me and so should it be you.Let this day remind us that if we do not do pull together for the benefit of our future generations no American or Ugandan will take us to this point of evading all issues our country is facing now.

Let’s put our feet down and do this, we got more potential working together than working as individuals.