Fellow Kenyans, Madaraka day is right at the corner and we have got to celebrate the day we attained Madaraka, right? Most Kenyans will most likely begin their celebrations from 31st May given that 1st June(the actual Madaraka day) is a free day.So what to do? How do you overcome boredom?

Here are some great ideas we gathered just for you.


For all you hardworking Kenyan out here, this  might be your big break.If you have been breaking a sweat all your days of May, you might want to look into making this Madaraka weekend all yours.Have your me-time if you must. Resting aids recovery, keeps you healthy and boosts your brain function.

Host a BBQ

If you are the life of the party, this might be a great idea. All you need to do is prepare to be the host. A great one! Everyone is probably looking forward to having a good time during this long weekend and nobody wants a terrible BBQ, right? Make sure to invite as many people as you can manage. Also, do let people know what to expect in terms of food, drinks and dress code. Perhaps an interesting dress code would be that of our national flag.

Attend the national Madaraka day celebrations

There is always a designated place(most probably a stadium) where Kenyans come together to celebrate this special day. Patriotic Kenyans take their time early in the morning to assemble and remember that very day back in 1963. It is usually a great day filled with different entertainment from joyous choirs to hilarious skits to traditional dances and ultimately hearing it from the President.

Attend a popular event

There are so many events that have been dedicated just for Kenyans to have fun throughout the Madaraka weekend  as we commemorate the day we attained self-rule. There are a couple f sites that offer calendar of events that you might use to check for events around you and for those that suit you.Do not be left out in commemorating attaining  our internal self-rule.

Try out a new recipe

Kenyans are blessed with different delicacies from different tribes that have. If you love to thrown it down in the kitchen, you might want to change your usual recipe to new one. Google might be helpful if you do not know who to consult for this. A great idea would be to try out a new recipe from outside your norm. You might as well end up making this new recipe your usual go-to food.

Tembea Kenya

Kenya is indeed a beautiful country to tour around. This is a great idea and a good thing for you to practice local tourism. check out TripAdvisor and other sites that offer you rates for wherever it is that you are planning to visit.You may discover some precious beautiful places that you may have known your country possess. Hit the road.

How else would you enjoy your Madaraka day?