India at it again as they legalize adultery. They never seize to amaze us, from flooding our DMs to legalizing adultery. ‘A husband is not the master of his wife’ said Chief Justice Dipak Misra. He also said that men and women should be equals.

The law stated that the woman could not be punished as an associate. In its place, the man was considered to be a seducer. The law did not allow women to file a complaint against an adulterous husband. A man accused of adultery could be sent to a prison for a maximum of five years, made to pay a fine, or both.


This gave men an upper hand. They used this to threaten their wives during family quarrels since the woman by law could not report the adulterous husband. So this is a win for the women activists and the LGBT community since this comes weeks after the law against gay sex was banned. This is a surprise since India has always been conservative when it comes to such topics.