Why Guys Prefer Texting to Calling
Have you ever dated a dude and the majority of the time, he just sent you texts, and you were the one who actually made the calls most of the time? I read in a blog the following statement ‘Why doesn’t he call? Does he only reach out via text because he’s just not that into you? It’s a possibility but isn’t the most probable reason. We just be doing stuff and it’s harder to multi task while on the phone.’

I have been accused of having had the same tendency before, but like the writer in the blog by the same title stated ‘I’ve held conversations with homegirls who tell me how they lost interest in a guy quicker than Solange’s two piece elevator combo because he never calls her. Ladies there are men out there that will call you. However if that’s a deal breaker to seriously date someone and you want a man to turn you from his girl to his wife, Oprah has more of a chance to get married before you.’

Now let’s look at different scenarios in this land of ours, Kenya, where it might seem to the guy that it’s better to just text.

1. Precise
Sexy HiSometimes I just want to wish you a good day, or let you know that I’m thinking about you. That would be awkward for any guy, I believe, to just call and talk for two seconds then hang up. These types of messages don’t really require a response and so there’s really no need to call.

2. Sometimes I’m Just Busy
BusyLife’s like that. You want someone who calls you all the time, hours on end conversations, it means he’s slacking in one aspect of life that’s called ‘shughli’. You don’t want a person like that for keeps, do you? So when your man is handling business, let him handle business atoke kwa msoto.

3. The Game Is On
guy-watching-football-woman-boredEvery once in a while a guy will want to catch up on the football games, which take place mostly on the weekends. So when the Arsenal fans are trying to remember the glory days by cheering the team to victory, but the players and coach only keep consistent to disappointing us, don’t think he’ll call you in the thick of things. You could call him after the game and give a listening ear to his version of the heartbreaking match. Now he knows you can even be with him when he’s watching the next one.

4. Calls Ain’t Cheap
out of creditThis applies especially to my guys in high school and some in college, while there are others who are really hustling out there. Bob never reduces rates, but at least he brought the weekend package, which I totally ride for sure. Since the packages the green network gives only apply to texts, unlike the other networks, texting is all a hustler can do. At least he’s not ignoring you, so take it if it’s good.

5. Most Men Don’t Talk Much
Let’s face it, phone calls are mostly for the females to talk about their feelings and just to massage their ego. Why would I call you just to hear you talk about who wronged you when, where you got your hair done, how you went through four colours of nail polish to get to the right one? If I’m exhausted at the end of a busy day, I just want to relax and think about the next step. You could be a distraction, true, but let me take my time off me before I go crazy and you start asking yourself why I got that way. I think you should then call me, coz I’m doing you a favour.

Hey, but that’s just me.

By Thomas Rajula